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About me


Unlike other collectors and dealers I have started collecting fossils from early childhood, but fewer minerals. While I was studying geology I slowly collected more and more rocks and minerals.
Another thing which always attracted me was traveling; before and during my studies I have been several times in South East Asia and India, therefore I was looking for a job which allowed me to travel. After finishing the university with a bachelor degree in geology, I took a gemology class in Idar Oberstein finished with G.G Diploma, afterwards also passed the exams for the European Gemology Diploma from the F.E.E.G. 
Prepared with this additional knowledge, but more filled up with passion for traveling, I decided to go to Bangkok to find a job there.
Finally I took classes in the AIGS gemology school, where I met Vincent Pardieu. I worked with him in the lab, had several fieldtrips and also went to Burma with him. In the AIGS laboratory I mostly have seen “brutally” cut and synthetically enhanced corundum species, so I rather preferred the natural untouched shapes and colors…. and slowly I made my way back to the crystals and finally to the mineral business.
Before leaving Bangkok after 2 years in the end of 2005, I decided to go to Vietnam by bicycle. I had a fantastic ride and bought crystals in Hanoi; from there I flew to Burma, where I continued purchasing nice crystals and minerals.
After my first visit in 1999, Burma has been always my favorite among the South East Asian countries; the people are extremely friendly and I found everywhere a great hospitality !!  Apart from the real “human gems” Burma has to offer a wide variety of minerals and gemstones, which are hardly found somewhere else on the planet. On my website I try to present you some of the wide selection of minerals Burma has to offer.


So I hope you will find something here. In case you look for something particular don’t hesitate to contact me I have much more specimens not online !

If you are interested in some photos one of my first bicycle trip 2007 (many more followed) in Burma check out this link.

Thank you for visiting.

Ziggi (Siggi)