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Gift Vouchers

How to buy Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers can be bought like regular articles. After you bought a gift voucher and the payment is received the voucher will be available for download as a pdf-file. You will find the download in the order overview in the "Your Account" section. So you can directly print out the voucher by yourself. If you prefer a printed version you can order the voucher along with other goods.

Gift Vouchers with a value from 20 to 100 EUR can be purchased here

Send Gift Vouchers as email
To send a gift voucher to a friend, please click on the link "Send Gift Voucher" in your shopping cart. To send the coupon to the correct person, we need the following details: Surname, family name, e-mail address of the recipient and the desired voucher amount (you can also use only parts of your balance). Please provide also a short message for the recipient. Please check your information again before you click the "Send Coupon" button.

How to use Gift Vouchers / Coupons during the order process
After receiving a gift voucher you can use it to pay instantly for your orders. To redeem the voucher please insert the code in the shopping cart during the order process. In case your balance is less than the value of goods you ordered, you can choose an additional method of payment for the difference amount. In case your balance is more than the value of the ordered goods, the remaining amount will be saved for your future purchase.

How to redeem Gift Vouchers / Coupons
In case you have received a voucher via e-mail, you can:
1. Click on the link provided in the e-mail. If you do not have an account in my shop already, please create a personal account.
2. After having added a product to your shopping cart you can enter your voucher code.

Can I redeem gift vouchers / coupons after I've made an order?
No. You cannot redeem any voucher / coupon after your order is made. You'll have to enter your gift voucher code during the checkout process. I cannot redeem your gift vouchers manually!

If you have any problems while redeem your gift voucher, please check back with me via my e-mail contact form. Please describe the encountered problem and let me know your voucher code as well the error messages the shop system returned to you.