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Main page » Catalogue » Crystals and Rough » Amber (Burmite) » sold specimens » Rare Root Amber Burma

Rare Root Amber Burma

Product No.: mf32-035

Rare Root Amber Burma
Rare Root Amber Burma
Rare Root Amber Burma
Rare Root Amber Burma
Rare Root Amber Burma



Amber (Burmite)
Chemical Formula:
(C,H,O); 73,7 - 78,6% C, 9,5 -10,5% H, 10,5 - 16,2% O
31,8 x 22,4 x 7,6 mm
14,35 ct or 2,87 g
transparent with inclusions
Main Khun, Tanai Township, Kachin State, Burma (Myanmar)

This is so called root amber from Burma. Those specimens are much rarer than ordinary Burmite specimens. The mottled appearance is cause by pores in the amber which were filled and crystallized with calcite during the sedimentation of the amber. The pores originated from former roost or plants, which maintained pore like connection to the inner of the amber. The piece is even a special one among the root amber species cause pores are not distributed throughout the whole piece, still some transparent parts giving the them amber a very charming appearance. A really rare specimen !

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